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It has been a long time since I’ve posted a blog post! Well just to let you all know I’m currently working on a new magic trick that could get me back in the game. I’ll keep you all posted!



“It’s your life…. So Live it!”

Everyday we live out our lives like we deserve to live them. We as humans believe its our right to be on this planet without a care in the world. We live day-to-day, hour to hour, minute to minute, and second to second never taking the time to truly appreciate what we have and even more what we don’t have to deal with. It has become increasingly rare for people to enjoy the little things because now from a young age we are told that we will always get what we deserve and that we cannot change that outcome.

If we were never truly meant to control our destinies then why do we even exist? Why do we even bother living at all if we cannot control the outcome of everything in our daily lives. Well I’m sorry but that all to me is bullshit. I refuse to believe I will only get what I deserve. I refuse to believe good things only come to those who wait for it. I believe that the great wonders and rewards in life come to those who are willing to go out, have an adventure, and try to find life’s wonderful rewards.

Many people always ask the question,”Do you fear death?”.Now normal people would respond yes or no, I have a tendency to say, “Death is nothing to fear for if it was worth fearing then it would be more exciting. People would also throw parties and not weep for the death of someone they knew.”

To some people they think I’m insane. Some people think that my way of thinking has no purpose and will one day be the demise of me. If this is true then I say I’ll welcome my demise and downfall.

Now I know I’ve probably lost a god majority of you and the other are either intrigued or wondering why im jumping around all kinds of crazy. Well stick around and you’ll understand. =)

Life is nothing more than a challenge, a challenge to your body and soul to see how far you are willing to go to find TRUE HAPPINESS. Now most people think true happiness comes from having millions of dollars and the hottest material things out there. In my eyes that is furthest from the truth. I know people who have nothing yet are the happiest people in the world. They literally have lost everything they worked for but yet still remain truly happy. They don’t focus on what they don’t have yet they cherish what they do have and express their joy with others.

This is how I see life.

Life is merely an injury that needs repairs. When your body gets seriously injured sure sometimes you may just pop some pain pills and call it a day but other days you rest, work to rebuild the muscle, and push forward to heal.


“Life is hard, if it wasn’t then it wouldn’t be worth it.”

Things will happen in this life that we cannot control. We will see accidents that no one should ever see. We will read about someone somewhere dying for a reason that is absurd. We will see wars waged against those who didn’t ask for it. Sometimes it feels like your back is against the wall and you just don’t know what to do. These are the times that seem the hardest to get past. It seems as if all hope is lost and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Sometimes we make mistakes that we aren’t proud of. We say things that we don’t mean, do things we regret, and hurt people who mean everything to us. Sometimes we just do stuff we never thought we were capable of. We become monsters.

I recently had a horrible experience with the woman I want nothing more than to marry and die next to. I made some bad decisions, said some things, and walked away instead of facing the problems and it cost me my relationship. She realized that she way worth way more than what I was treating her and she had every right to.

Now don’t get me wrong im not saying that i did everything wrong because it takes two to tango, but what i am saying is that sometimes we just need to take a giant step back and realize what we a doing before its to late.

For those of you wondering yes i did win her back. I’m proving to her that change isn’t just a word but and action that I’m willing to perform. I’m proving to her that no matter what it takes ill make her happy and proud to be called mine.

Now I know I’m all over the place but this is where I’ve been meaning to get to. This is the main part of the post that I want people to read. This is where my title makes sense.

ImageThere is 3 things i want to tell to anyone who reads this. STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN.

I will touch on these in detail with their own respective points so just bare with me.


First and foremost I’m here to say just stop. We all have had a point in time where we just felt over the top angry, upset, mad, sad, unhappy, and depressed. In return for feeling these we made some decisions that later on we regretted and wished we could take them back. We lost all control and just made the wrong choice. Now what i mean by stop is as follows. Take a moment to stop your anger. Stop your complaining. Stop yourself from making a decision you think may be the right one due to the emotions at play. This may seem easier said then done but my friends it’s not. Just stop and take a second to think about what is going to be said or done before you do it. It may just save your life one day.


This brings me to my second point or topic. Look!

After you have stopped your “madness” take a second to look at the harm you may have already done. Really pay attention to details and see what you can do to fix the problems you have already caused. Look and see if you stopped yourself before things really got out of control and you just may have saved yourself from a never-ending pain that you know you didn’t want to endure. This is the easy step.


This is by far my favorite.

We all have at least one friend that will always be unbiased and true with us. You know that friend that will tell you when you did something wrong and that you need to get your head out of your ass and fix it. In these times i say you should talk to this person. Now if you don’t have this person don’t fret. All this means is you are strong enough to listen to your own heart and see what you did wrong. Now things may be complicated and you may be trying to do these steps in a relationship.

If that is the case well then listen to your partner. They may not be trying to piss you off or do what they want. They may just be trying to tell you how they truly feel and reach out to you. This is an opportunity you man want to take. Remember people don’t just open up for no reason. So please before you get reckless just hear someone out because it could be the difference between waking up alone and waking up with someone who is willing to take on the world with you.

"I'm finally free!"

“I’m finally free!”

Well the good news is im just about done my friends.

Now the majority of  this post was just ranting and stuff i wanted to say but it was also me reaching out hoping that i may be able to help at least one of you in making the right decision. My life isn’t perfect so i know yours isn’t either but that’s ok. If the world was perfect that it wouldn’t be exciting at all. When all is said and done you will feel free. Regardless of your current relationship status. These lessons ive just talked to you about can help in any situation. So please STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN before things get out of hand. Then you truly will feel free from worry.

Thank you all for reading. I hope you enjoyed and as always feedback is appreciated.

I do not claim to own any of  the pictures posted in this blog except the final one of myself and my Wonderful girlfriend. Please be safe and God bless everyone.

This post is Dedicated to the Love of my Life, AK. I love you baby, always have always will. Thank you for saving me. ❤


Have you ever felt like no matter how hard you try you seem to always end up exactly where you started? You try and try and try but yet you don’t seem to get anywhere. Many of us go through this and we often start to lose faith in many of the joys in life that we love ever so much.
We start to lose sight of what we love. We become bored with our relationships, tired of friendships, and stop caring about our job/career.

Like many people I have gone through this phase in my life. I started to lose faith in everything I loved and it started to destroy me. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat, and I started to even give up on my relationship. I was facing such hard times that nothing seemed to matter anymore. It felt as if no matter how man steps forward I took forward I would take that many more back.

In times like these I would just seclude myself from everyone and anything that might bring me joy and happiness. My relationship suffered, my work ethic suffered, and my friendships started to diminish over time. I started to put myself in an emotional coma of which it seemed as if no one cared that I was falling into. It seemed as if I had no one there to help me get out of that horrible slump I was in. I was ready to just call it quits. I didn’t mean to harm myself in any was shape or form. I merely just wanted to leave and never come back.

Now before you go on to continue reading I do want you to understand that this is partially me venting and partially me trying to give some helpful words to someone out there that may need it.

Things got to the point of where my relationship consisted of nothing more than fights, my friendships were non existent, and I avoided my work place at any cost. I thought I would never get out of that slump I was in. All hope had seemed lost.

One day I woke up ready to give up on it all and I was just ready to run away until something amazing happened to me. The amazing woman, who I still date today, I was dating just looked me in the eye and told me that everything will be just fine. This was such a simple gesture but yet it had such an amazing impact on me. It made me feel as if someone actually cared. She reminded me of the love that we had always shared.

Now I understand that not everyone is in a relationship and may not have someone to tell them what I heard but that isn’t the main point in this story. The main point is that no matter how hard things may get, no matter how hopeless things seem, and no matter how much you seem to be going in reverse always remember that you may just be going through what you are going through to make you appreciate everything you do have that much more.

Maybe that friendship you had was getting bumpy but you never realized how much that person means to you so your feelings left so that you could rebirth the joy that you two once shared. I guess what I’m trying to tell you all is that please no matter how crazy things get keep your faith. Things will work out and even if it seems as if you don’t have anyone there is always someone in your corner. If you have no one ill be here for you =)

Well needless to say this is the end of this rant. I’m sorry it took so long for me to post once again but I just was going through some rough times and now that I am past all of that i can share my knowledge that i have gained with you all!

Sincerely Richard D. Contreras

As always thank you for reading and your feedback is always greatly appreciated.

A mothers love is one of the most powerful loves anyone can ever experience.

To all of you single mothers out there I say Thank You! Throughout my short time being on this planet I have seen many thing that I find truly astonishing. One of those things is I have seen many single mothers raisin if not 1 multiple kids by themselves.

Growing up my father never really was a father to me. I rarely seen him. Its to the point of where I don’t even remember him ever holding me. The only thing I can clearly remember about My father is him leaving my mother and I. I remember my friend Chris ,who’s parents used to rent out the upper portion of our house out, go through a divorce with his parents. One day his mother came home from work and found his father in bed with another woman. I remember Chris being wrecked by the whole experience. It broke my heart to see one of my friends so hurt.

I tried to comfort his as best as I could but I was only 11 so I didn’t know how to handle the situation.

The night that Chris found out his parents were getting a divorce I remember my “Father” was drinking and said “Richard, come here. I just want you to know ill never leave your mother and you. I love you both too much and will always make it work just for you son.”. When he said this to me I remember I just felt a warm comforting feeling racing through my body. It felt like I never had to worry about anything and I felt like my life would forever be perfect.

Time For A Move

The very next day I remember my “father” telling me we were moving. He asked me if I wanted to be a “big man” and help him move some of the stuff we owned to the new house. My father had never asked me to do anything before so you can just imagine my excitement. After about 3 hours of moving stuff to my grandmothers house (she had passed away a little while before) he said we were done. I stood there a little confused. We had moved things but it was only his things. It was all of his clothes and personal belongings.

Being as young as I was I just thought that maybe we would later move the other things, I had no idea what was about to happen. We went to visit my mother and bring her lunch that day. She was so happy to see us. I remember running behind the counter of where she worked and acted as if I was a secretary who would answer phones and help my mom do her job. After about 15 minutes of visiting my father and I left to go back home. We waited for my mom to get home. As much as I would like to tell you what happened next I an barely remember so ill skip ahead a little bit (sorry).

My mother started crying a lot. She was a wreck. She was left with a house payment, maxed out credit cards, a very low paying job, and the duties to raise and 11 year old boy in hard times. After the divorce we moved a lot. She tried to stay in the area we were for me. She tried to keep up near my friends, she just went through hell but her first priority was still me because she wanted me to not worry about anything.

We moved to a town about 2 towns over to try and get a fresh start. It worked for a while. I got enrolled in school and started to make friends. I started to live my life as a kid again. By this time I was 12.

Sure enough as soon as I got settled more troubles arose and we had to move again. The only good news that happened was that we were moving back to where all my friends were! I was so excited. I remember calling my best friend John. I told him that I was coming back to let everyone know that Richard was making a big return.

At this time we were living with my aunt. She was a nice lady overall. She took us in but at a great cost.

I started to live like myself again. I had my old friends. I had everything back except my father but at this point I didn’t want him back. He never cared to see me, he never wanted to do anything with me, and he even told me I had to go back home on a day he was supposed to visit because his “girlfriend” was coming over. I didn’t care much for him. It had been 2 years almost 3 since he left and I was an emotional wreck and didn’t care for him.

I started getting into trouble. Missing school, smoking weed, drinking, doing graffiti, and started talking down to my mother. I became the man that I swore I never would. I became my father.

A New Beginning

Even when all of this was going on, even with my mom working 3 jobs, even with me being horrible to her she stood by my side. She was always there. She always told me things were going to be fine and she would never give up on me, that she loved me with all her heart and that God loved me.

How can she have so much faith? How can she still love me? Why would she still love me? Why after all I put her through would she still keep such strong faith in me? These were all questions that I would ask myself every single day. One day I finally got my questions answer, “A mothers love for her child is the most powerful form of love anyone can feel”.

She never gave up on me and I’m so grateful to her for that. She always guided me without me even knowing she was. She proved to me that love does exist and it is the most powerful thing in the world. So on this day of Friday August 31, 2012 I just want to say to all of you single mothers ut there…… THANK YOU!!!!! Thank you for everything you do for your kids. Thank you for loving us when no one ever should. Thank you for showing the world what true love is!

Most importantly thank you mom. Thank you for loving me through all of the negativity that we went through. Thank you for never giving up on me and raising me to be a respectful, driven, and loving man that I am today.

(Please understand everyone’s names other than mine were changed out of respect and privacy for them)

Thank you for reading. as Always your feedback is greatly appreciated. R.Contreras


“The value of ones life is priceless”

I have been doing much thinking lately. With current events and even past events I am starting to be worried for humanity. In recent news we have had a shooting of a theater, teenager stabbed over 20 times, and a young man lost his life playing with a gun. Today in our society all we ever see is violence. They start us off young by implementing it into our children shows. We always see the bad guy being chased by cops and shooting at the cops. We see them fight until one gets knocked out. This is not what we should be teaching each other.

To me these simple little gestures place a simple idea in each persons head. That idea being that their life is pointless and useless. The original worry was different races attacking each other. People thought that different races could not be in the same venue because each other believed they were greater than their counter part.

Soon enough it evolved into same race crime. People started getting upset because Blacks were killing Blacks, Whites killing Whites, Mexicans killing Mexican, ect. When this all occurred all people would say is “Stop the same race crime! We need to love ourselves!” now I wasn’t against it but at the same time i was. I was more focused on the bigger picture. We need to focus on omitting crime all together. No crime is good crime. We together can stop it all together.

I am sick and tired of turning on the TV and seeing “Young teen killed in shooting” or “Young child was killed walking home, body found without shoes, clothes, or cell phone.”. Our youth….. No our society is worth so much more than that. Our society has the power to do great things. So many kids, adults, sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers are being taken away because of the mere corruption we have in out world. We are taught “Better someone else than us”when we should instead be taught “Love one another because some day we wont have each other

Our children, my friends should not be dying. So many of them have so much great talent and are smarter than anyone before yet their lives are being cut short because this is what we are taught is ok.

If I could save one life, my life’s journey has been completed.

The point in this post today is this. Go out today and tell someone random that their life is worth so much more than they understand and that you have faith in them. Go out and make peace with an old friend because one day they’ll be gone and you wont have the chance to make up. Go out and help at your local youth center to try and rid the world of the Gangs, Drugs, and Violence. Together we can change the world. So many people are of so much more value then what they are taught, they just dont have anyone to tell them that they are. So please take a stand, ruin your “tough guy/girl” reputation and help save even one life. These kids deserve to live to have kids, grand kids, and even great grand kids. Lets save our world. I believe you have the power to change one life and i adore those of you who actually try. Thank you for trying.

Thank you for reading. As always your feedback is Greatly appreciated! R.Contreras

Do Not Read This post!

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Curiosity killed the cat

Many of you seen the title and couldn’t decide if you wanted to read this or not. Some of you were just so intrigued that you clicked just to see what it was about. See the way human nature works is if we are told not to do something, we want to do it that much more. Think back when you were younger. If your parents told you not to stay up late all you ever wanted to do was stay up late.

As we get older we learn what is right and what is wrong. We learn that certain actions have consequences that we do not wish to deal with, we also learn certain actions have great rewards. Growing up our society tries to teach us what is considered the right thing and the wrong thing to do.

If I told you I would give you $1000 if you never stood up from a chair in a room for 2 hours do you think you could do it? Now many of you are probably thinking yes. Now think about this. What if in that room there was a big red button that said “Do not press!” Could you still remain seated? Still think so huh? Now add a box. In this box could be 1 million dollars or absolutely nothing. Now reposition yourself in this scenario. Once we started I would say to you “Mr./Mrs.________ I would like for you to have a seat in this chair for me. Good, now I want you to stay seated in this chair for two hours. If you manage to do so I will hand you $1000 cash. All you have to do is remain seated and NOT press this red button that opens this box that contains something inside of it ranging from nothing to 1 million dollars. If you open the box you can have the reward that is inside.” Still think you can do it?

The scenario I presented with you up top seems extremely easy to overcome but because of out human nature it is almost impossible to stay seated in that chair. If someone says “Don’t look!” the though of looking haunts your mind until you either decide its better to not look or you finally end up looking. Its the same for the scenario I presented up top. That box could have 1 million dollars in it. You could wait 2 hours to make $1000 or you can take a chance of winning 1 million in a matter of seconds.

Many people believe that they cannot be influenced to do something but the truth is anyone can fall into the trap of doing something they are told to do. Such as I did with you reading this blog.

Negative Suggestion
Throughout this entire blog post I told you about the human nature that makes us want to do something we are told not to do. This is called Negative suggestion. Its basically us wanting to do something that we are told not to do. So the next time someone tells you not to do something remember, negative suggestion will be there to try and make you do it.

Thank you for reading. as Always your feedback is greatly appreciated. R.Contreras

When Can I See You Again?

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You don’t understand how special you are to me.

We all have been there. We have met someone that we just want to see again. We have either had a connection with them or were intrigued by their personality so much that we have to have another encounter with them. During these times all we ever think is “It would be amazing to see them again.”.

Now I’m sure many of you have been in a relationship at some point in time. When the relationship first starts off all you even want to do is spend as much time with that person as possible. You go on many dates, hang out, and even just grab a coffee. Then in most cases as time goes by you don’t really care to see each other. There are also times in which later in the relationship you two establish a bond together in which you do not want to be apart from each other.

When you get attached to people in a way that you do not wish to be apart from them it becomes difficult to not see them for a while. You go a week maybe two without seeing each other then when you do it feels as if you haven’t seen each other in years. These are the times when we feel closest yet farthest from our significant other. We feel as if since we haven’t seen them in so long that we cherish them more, yet we also feel as if we know nothing about them.

The main point of this blog is as such. No matter how long you go without seeing your significant other, best friend, or family remember that you should always cherish them. You shouldn’t fret on the time spent away from each other but rather cherish every second that you spend with them.

Thank you for reading. As always your feedback is always greatly appreciated.